Custom Orders

So, you want to place a custom order? Awesome!

We look forward to designing something unique and custom for you. A couple things that we'll discuss are colors, design ideas (if you have a preference or something you're going for) and customization like brands, names, initials and bible verses.


The best way to place a custom order is through Facebook or calling us at 605-840-0754. We can discuss ideas, colors and any customization you had in mind.


Our products are expensive items with lots of time involved. Please be honest about the design- you're not going to hurt our feelings! We want to create something for you that you love and want to use on a daily basis. Please be very sure of the design before we start.


Please see our Custom Order Policies & FAQ further down the page.

How To Measure Your Belt Size

We want to be able to insure you have a correct fit for you belt. We are not responsible for incorrect measurements.


Click image to the right for instructions on how to measure a belt.

Custom and In-Stock Order Policies:

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required. The deposit holds your spot on the list of orders and goes towards your overall purchase. The deposit can be paid by check, credit card or Paypal. The deposit must be paid in full before any work is started.

CUSTOM  ITEMS cannot be returned, unfortunately. This includes belts that are incorrectly sized.  Please make sure to measure correctly, as we (Busted-K)  are not responsible for incorrect measurements as stated in your order form.

NOTE:  If an in-stock  item is purchased but needs to be resized,  it will then be classified as a Custom Item.

belt measurement.jpg