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Custom and In-Stock Order Policies:

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required. The deposit holds your spot on the list of orders and goes towards your overall purchase. The deposit can be paid by check, credit card or Paypal. The deposit must be paid in full before any work is started.

CUSTOM  ITEMS cannot be returned, unfortunately. This includes belts that are incorrectly sized.  Please make sure to measure correctly, as we (Busted-K)  are not responsible for incorrect measurements as stated in your order form.

NOTE:  If an in-stock  item is purchased but needs to be resized,  it will then be classified as a Custom Item. 





If an IN-STOCK item can be resold (that is: it is returned in new, original condition), a 75% refund of the purchase price will be refunded. Any payment processing fees, shipping & handling fees will not be refunded.




Busted-K must be notified, by email, text, or call, that an item will be returned, within 10 days of the original shipping date.  The item must, then, be received by Busted K within 10 days after your notification.

 EXAMPLE:  If the item was shipped on the 2nd we need to be notified by the 12th that it will be returned, and we need to have received it by the 22nd in order to issue a refund.


PLEASE NOTE:  Items that are returned must be in original, NEW condition. Stains, sweat marks, wear marks or other alterations to the product will not be accepted.


We highly recommend that  you use tracking numbers via your shipping method, so that you can ensure your item has arrived. You can expect a refund within 1-2 business days of Busted K receiving the return-eligible item.


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