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Meet The Maker

Hi! My name is Newley. I grew up in south central South Dakota on my family's ranch. I now live in the Fort Worth area of Texas. 

In 2008, I found myself sitting in an art class in college learning the art of loom beadwork. Through beadwork, I unite the elements the designer in me has always loved- color and shape. After countless hours of honing my beading technique, I found my rhythm and Busted K was born.  

Year after year, my art and style evolve. I design for the contemporary individual who values quality and enjoys owning unique, handmade accessories inspired by the Old West. 

Outside of Busted K, I enjoy camping, traveling, roping when I get the chance, and spending time with family in South Dakota. 


Thank you for checking out my work. I truly appreciate it!
-Newley Kartak

PS.. Yes, Newley is my real name. My parents named me after the character Newley on the television show Gunsmoke. 



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